molding clay into soul

how my pottery story began

My name is Eva, I graduated as a painter and fell in love with ceramics. While studying at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, I decided to make my wish come true and start working with clay.

Clay has accompanied me since I was a child. I have watched my father spinning his pottery wheel. Seeing his statues, vases and pots, my enthusiasm and love for clay started growing.

I remember the pleasant mess in my father’s studio and the love he felt for this amazing material. Every time the opportunity came, I also got my hands on clay. My very first ceramic products still adorn my father’s shelves today – a statue of a female figure, a fearless hawk and an owl.

Over the years I’ve tried many different artistic pracites.  I applied to the painting department at the Academy of Arts in Ljubljana, where I graduated in 2016. Besides clay I also took interest in stop-motion animation and graphics, especially woodcuting. I exhibited the works I created in my time at the academy both in Slovenia and abroad.

 I am inspired mainly by animals and nature. Desiring to be as playful, unique and refined as possible, my ceramic products are made with a great deal of care and love. Each of them has its own story and character.

 I participated in workshops of Anja Slapničar, a passionate and talented ceramicist and teacher. Where I learned the basics and also came in touch with processing of wild clay, preparing my own glazes and wood-fired ceramics. 

In 2017 I participated in a group wood-firing of ceramics in the studio of Branko Šupica – in Janja Gora, under the mentorship of Taiwanese ceramicist Yu Ting who shared with us knowledge from her country and introduced us to the basics of the Taiwanese tea ritual.

In 2021 I worked at a local ceramic studio where I held workshops for adults and children.



Thank you for following my story!

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